Peach Blossom

Last two weeks have been warm in 60s & 70s with soft breeze in the air. It’s really hard not noticing these blossoms everywhere even if I was spending most of my time indoors working in front of computers or in front of a projector & students. Luckily, I have a wall of large windows in my apt looking down the street and I found all the trees are green all of sudden. Now, I have natural shades to walk pass by in the street in my neighborhood. Colorful flowers are everywhere trying to remind me it’s spring. Pink, red, white, yellow…with baby green.

Spring is nice but, it’s also tough. It’s hard to concentrate on work when weather is this nice and also, I wish I could go away somewhere with someone special.  hmmm… I guess that’s why girls get wandering feelings in spring more than guys… it asks me to get out and smell the air! ( also not to forget to look at the mirror one more time before I walk out. )

Students were also looking at me like ‘why should we stay in this dark room with a projection?’ so I had two classes outdoor last week. I found an architectural looking sculpture in the sculpture garden and declared it as my outdoor office. I asked them to smell, listen, touch, see everything they could feel in any kind of ways – while they wait for their turn to get one to one advising session with me. They will deliver a photo image that they took to represent what they felt. I’m waiting for it so will see what they bring me back with. Interaction design is designing for five+ senses that human experiences in, therefore they should tune into all their senses, not just visual sense.

This post is totally mumbling but, please forgive me. It’s spring and it’s very loud and clear in Korea. I’d better enjoy every bit of it while it lasts. 🙂