It started with my brother sending me this link

I laughed looking at the photo of a wearable design of pants that had keyboard attached into one’s lap. I’m a geek and I design wearable technology art projects but, it was just a way too geeky for me even. However, I thought it was an interesting concept so I’ve forwarded it to a friend who was in search for a good wireless keyboard that can be sit on his lap comfortably. Of course, I haven’t had a time to read the text. The next thing I found out was this line that was pointed out by someone, “.. and for you gamers, there is a joystick controller located just behind the front zipper. ” I was like, “ewww…. then, oh my god…!”

This was just beginning.

If you look at this blog link, “20-pickup-lines-for-people-wearing-keyboard-pants/” you will know what I mean. These geeks with dirty minds — dirty pickup lines, i would say… but some of them are somewhat clever – funny in a geeky way. Some of the pickup lines in comments made me giggle. My favorite one was, “I’d like to be a douche bag and point out that “U” and “I” are already next to each other on a QUERTY keyboard.” At least, there is a less chance of being slapped on his face.

It was certainly entertaining to read but, there was a mental note for any wearable computing designers. Do not place buttons or keys to press near where they shouldn’t be. This is why studying social behavior and usability is essential, I suppose.