As I gave my students at Interaction Design Studio to do a weekly assignment called, “Stupid Pet Trick” to keep the ITP physical computing tradition, I got a fully finished project that was performed. It’s by Leo – please see below.

Beside that, I was looking through any documentation of old projects and I found my own stupid pet trick assignment. Ha ha. Very crude with Director 5 (Lingo) & Basic Stamp I … (omg, that was a long time ago! )I should re-document it here before I completely forget about it.

It was a sun ray gun. I put a photocell at the opening of gun point and hooked it up with Basic Stamp I & Director file that was communicating with serial connection.

If you point this sun ray gun toward the monitor screen where a movie clip is playing, it will create different color of sun ray effect (the ones from photos) in different shades of yellow depending on the amount of lights it’s getting. It’s a video clip of the window at my old apartment in E. Village, shadows of leaves were dancing in silhouette. A very simple, non-purposeful practice, stupid pet trick – but, it brings a joy whenever you make it or see one. : )

The screen grab of old 90’s monitors are very rough and crude but, you’ll get the idea.