So here is another guerilla exhibition of Physical Computing Workshop group made of Juniors and Seniors at Digital Media Design Dept. Now, they got the name. It’s called, “Team Electrical Effect” This Flowall intallation was made possible by 21 students. They built 24 flowers that rotates by music and reflects projected visuals to the wall. They have used DMDuino that was made by last years’ graduates, Hyunsoo Hong & Jinhwan Kim – based on Arduino board along with other electrical parts & motors.

Below is their abstract that was posted at class blog;

Whenever electrical current of 1mA flows, an art project becomes unique in the world. – Electrical Effect.

Hmm… what exactly this meaning?

Anyway, it’s obviously further developed conceptual installation from Leo’s Stupid Pet Trick project during Interaction Design Studio class. (Well, it’s obviously far from stupid!)

Well, enjoy it. Below is what a student captured my awkward interaction with the installation during my break. (Mom & Dad, why didn’t you teach me how to play piano?) Feel free to laugh at video of me trying to pretend to play a piano.

I heard there will be the final one at the end of semester – which is next week!