A new citizen’s brunch

With Friends at The Magician celebrating my citizenship. (Sonia’s photo set)

OK. I did my oath ceremony in the morning of July 18th, 2008 in South District Court in New York City. I finally belong to somewhere because I’m legally a US citizen now. (Please note that I’ve been holding two different alien’s registration cards in both countries.) The process took about 6-12 months but, in order for me to make a decision to give up a citizenship where I no longer lived for the most of my life but, was born was still a hard one since it took me over 20 years. While waiting about 3 hrs at the oath ceremony, you realize that it’s a significant change. Obviously, it won’t change who I am nor where I came from but, it’s an action I took with a serious responsibility & it’s a significant change of my status. Now I will be saying I’m an american instead of saying a korean.

Beside some sentimental notes on being a new citizen passing my mind, I celebrated with some good friends who were able to make it to The Magician in LES, NY. Due to my frequent small to medium accidents and my nature of clumsiness, some were very nervous about me getting hurt again once I set up for another T.N.O.(Thursday Night Out) gathering. Sonia offered me to stay at her place to watch me over & she made me all american brunch with flags and banners, mmm, stars. (see above photo) The weather was scorching hot and we had no intention of walking more than two blocks out so we made some more ‘Bloody Hudson’ (a sweet Bloody Mary cocktail version by Hudson Hotel & she got the recipe!) Well, Bloody Mary is a full blog entry to write about one day. I’m just enjoying various kind of Bloody Mary in the US as it’s a rare find in Seoul to taste a good Bloody Mary.