wrists tying

Last half of year 2008 passed by in light speed with my students’ graduation exhibition, the end of semester and graduating gathering… among them, last week of December has been a spectacular experience to end a year.

Yes, I decide to make a trip to Ann and Mark’s wedding & post wedding group trip in Thailand almost at last minute and I did the right thing.

This xmas is the first one I couldn’t spend with my family due to my faculty resonsibility during early January. Yeah, it would have been sad to stay in Seoul alone in cold weather during xmas. So, it was a perfect timing, many thanks to Ann & Mark for many more things…

The wedding was beautiful. It was truly global, interactive, technological and traditional and modern. I’ve arrived Chiang Mai in the morning of the wedding day so I missed the dinner before so I didn’t have a chance to introduce myself to many other friends of the couple from Fabrica and ITP (some of ITPers were like a face-matching-with-name game, if you know what I mean.) I’m sure I missed a lot more things on Saturday night. Anyway, food was delicious and I especially appreciate goat stew that Ann’s father specially got them slaughtered with the holy buddhist ceremony and cooked. There were at least 3 DJs that ITP represents at the post wedding party although I had to go to bed soon after 36 hrs of almost no sleep.

Next day, I chose to go to downtown Chiang Mai instead of going to Flying of Bricks. eh, I’ve watched Amazing Race – flying between tall tree branches are not my thing. Instead, I was able to enjoy amazing Northern Thai local cuisine. I found myself that I like northern Thai (close to Laos and Cambodia) food better. I had this amazing chicken soup with egg noodles with an accent of pickled cabbage called, “Khao Soi” I already crave this dish, mmmmmmmmmm.. (Thanks, Jane for taking us there)

pretty rocks that I collected in my heart

After Chiang Mai, we flew down and reassembled at Bangkok airport. That was to ride a double deck bus down to the south in order to take 2 hr speed boat to an island, “Koh Lipe” After 33 of us including the groom and the bride’s family waited around for an hour for this mysterious double deck bus (the most of tour buses are double deck and they are very colorful in Thailand,) we started 14 hr ride bus trip down to the south. It was an adventure. I wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t with this cool group of friends.

Now, I have to describe these global artistic geeks from all over the world. If you ask such a question, “Where are you from?” You will get two different answers. Either where their nationalities are or where they are living now. For example, Japanese and Chinese friends are from Amsterdam and a Russian from Shanghai, a spanish from SF in USA… myself, an American in Seoul, Korea….and the list goes on. Through ITP and Fabrica, Ann and Mark are the center of this group.

Back to Koh Lipe, it was beautiful, warm, delicious —- ahhhhhhh! several islands around it was cool to stop by as well. Koh Lipe is dreamy especially someone like me who came from temperature below zero weather.

With a dozen of mosquitto bite marks and sands in my shoes, I returned to this cold reality but, it’s time to daydream another trip to somewhere else. 🙂