Since a health club, “California Wow” (They had one and only Bikram Yoga studio in Seoul with certified Bikram yoga instructors) went bankrupt a few years ago, I’ve been trying couple of Hot Yoga studios.  I live in Gwanhwamun area, thus I’ve tried the closest gyms where they claim to have ‘Hot Yoga’ studio but, their schedule wasn’t full enough to support my wacky schedule.  Also, I wasn’t so happy with the studio and instructors.  I once practiced Hot Yoga about 1 & half years ago at Hot Yoga Korea Studio in Shinchon and I’ve decided to go back there as it is the best I could find so far.  I like the studio and instructors.   My understanding is that ‘Hot Yoga’ is similar to Bikram Yoga but, it’s not practiced by certaified Bikram yoga instructors.  The temperature is pretty mild compared to NY Bikram yoga studios.  It’s about 41 C degree.  Also, it’s about 70 minutes long.  With my current state of shape, it is more than enough.  Still, I keep missing the moment to go to the hot yoga studio… I can barely make it there once a week.  I wish they open on sunday as well because the hardest part is to drag myself to be in the studio.

Few differences that I found (& I’m pretty content about it) – this hot yoga studio offers free yoga mat and towels.  They also have a big shower room equipped with free Hair shampoo, conditioner, facial foam, body cleanser as well as body lotion.  Nice?  You can also borrow the training suit for $1 if you happened to just walk in without preparation.

Today, I went to the yoga studio today before going to Dongdaemun market to buy lots of sewing materials… My muscles are happily sore.  🙂