Yeap, you’ve read the title.  I’m serious.

Ah…. Winter Olympics, it makes me happy during working winter break.  We art researchers cannot rest during winter vacation but, I had a luxury of visiting my home (US) for few weeks before the semester begins.

There are couple of winter sports during Olympics that I get excited for; Snow board Half Pipe, Ski Jump, Figure Skating…. the most of all, Curling!

Are you surprised how could I watch this silly looking game or do you trust me that I’m one of the trend setters and there might be good reasons why I watch curling games?  I’ve always loved watching Curling games from the first moment I’ve seen it.  Yes, it seems silly if you just look at it.  Players are sweeping ice with broom-like-sticks.  It’s like me watching American Football without understanding any game rules, it’s basically big guys running around in strange looking uniforms – as an example.

They often call Curling as ‘Chess on Ice’ – it’s because it takes precision and strategy.  I want to call it ‘Pool + Chess on Ice’  During each end, each team has 9 chances of sliding the curling bowls.  It is crucial how you place your defense to block the other team’s path to the house and how you can keep other bowls out of the house by hit them out while keeping your bowls in protecting againt other bowls.  The lane is actually a lot wider and longer than it seems on TV.  It’s also fun to listening to hear yellings of players in different languages during Olympics match!

For some readers who has no clue about this game, here is the link for the wikepedia.  Curling was invented in late medieval Scotland, with the first written reference to a contest using stones on ice coming from the records of Paisley Abbey, Renfrewshire, in February 1541.  more info here >>>>

Also, Youtube video below.

Anyway, any geeks out there like me would love watching Curling if you understand the rules.  I was lucky enough to be staying at my sister’s place in Seattle last week and we’ve watched Curling games (both women’s and men’s) one after another – thanks to MNBC broadcasting.  (I have to confess that I also watched the Curling match on my Delta flight from JFK to SEA.)  My niece and nephew seem to enjoy watching the Curling games.   If I were in Korea, I wouldn’t be able to watch the Curling games since most of them never watched the games.  I really had few good days of just watching how they play their strategy out with precision.  I also liked some uniforms – especially, Denmark’s women’s Curling team had very cute outfit (short black skirt with black tights)

Also, there is an interesting article about Curling in New York Times >>> Perhaps more than geeks enjoy watching Curling….
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