October 2012

It’s been two years and five months since last entry…

Many things have happened in my life and I’ve been busy creating many projects of mine as well.  I will have a chance to write about it episode by episode later.

I’m in Cornell University, Dept of Information Science – Ithaca, NY now… I’m a visiting artist/scholar until the end of November.  It’s a short stay but, it’s good!
Ithaca in fall is stunningly beautiful – colors of leaves are in numerous shades of yellow, brown, orange, red etc… different shades of colors from what I am used to before in Korea and other places.  The campus of Cornell is famously beautiful and autumn colors add its beauty even more.  Looking down the valley toward lake, I wondered how it was before Europeans came to settle…  Native Indians and Buffaloes perhaps.

Since summer, I had traveled the US and S. Korea back and forth and went to Alaska, SF, and LA trip.  That was with four exhibitions before and after.  By the time, I was packing to come to the US, I was restless and I need to really have my sabbatical.   So here I am in quiet Ithaca – where everyone seems to be interested in studies and researches…  The town is small but, campus is big.  I might be a loner but, I hope to look back myself and where I am here…


I need to start this entry with the note that there have been many beautiful, meaningful video mirror interaction in some media art projects.

However, I remember one of curators I met said this to me, ‘I am tired of Video Mirror + Human Body Mouse Media Art Please…”   well, yes… I am, too!

I am tired of technology presented as if it is an art… (some case, it could be if it is well integrated with context of art piece) but, at the same time, as an artist exploring technology, I can’t help getting excited about new technologies.

This was last blog I was writing…  like more than 2 years ago.  🙂
I’ve been busy creating new art projects and I’ve been busy living my life in Seoul…  It’s been all good.   Life is good whether it throws me a challenge or a gift!

I will continue my blogging now.