My actual name means “Looking @ Reflection” – I was named by my father before I was born in a love letter that was sent to my pregnant mom. He was abroad due to his occupation at that time.

When people ask me what I do, my answer is usually, “something smart and creative”

I began to explore visual arts as I started to draw my first graphic novel story when I was nine. I majored in Illustration, BFA in college but, I became a graphic designer in advertising. After that, environmental designer, Research Designer, Interactive Designer, Art Director, entrepreneur then fashion designer who uses technology. I also studied “Interactive Telecommunication Program” for my Master’s degree. I’m evolving and transforming constantly. If I could find common field in my interests, it’s design that requires intuitive decision making with seamless good user interaction. I also have a great interest in design in everyday life.

My family moved to Oregon from S. Korea when I became a sophomore in high school then I moved to NYC to attend an art college and a graduate school. Since then, I’ve been living in NYC for many many years (mostly – except 2 yrs.) I currently live in both NYC & Seoul teaching Interaction Design and expressing through Interactive Fashion Technology Art. Yes, I fly a lot.

My project site is at

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