I’ve decided to digitalize and copy my mom’s hand written recipe that was handed it to me 10 years ago. They are very basic cooking recipes for single’s lifestyle.

Preface ————————————————————-

The basic of Korean cooking is all about spice/sauce and its order of usage.

Basic Spices/Sauce (The most important)

salt, sugar, soy sauces(there are many different kinds of soy sauce you need at least 3 of them,) regular soy sauce(양조간장, 왜간장) soy sauce for soup base that is clearer but saltier (국간장) and fish soy sauce(멸치전). (I will update on soy sauce after I research a bit,) Red Pepper Paste(고추장), Soy Bean Paste(된장) and Mak Jang or Ssam Jang – which are combination of both Red Pepper Paste and Soy Bean Paste and other spices, Red Pepper flakes/powder (it’s better when it’s seasonal and fresh), Black Pepper, Roasted Sesame Seed Powder, garlic, garlic powder, onion powder, Scallion, onion, giner, sesame oil, bean oil, rice vinegar

for Soy Bean Paste(=Korean Miso Paste), I highly recommend to find home made one.  The ones they sell in the market cannot even be compared to the home made one in taste.  You will never get Soy Bean Stew right with the ones in the market.

Extra: mirin, starch powder

Important Side Sauce:

1. Vinegar Red Pepper Paste(초고추장):

In Korea, people use this sauce for sashimi more than soy sauce with wasabi. This sauce is also excellent for boiled/steamed calamari and seweeds.

How To Make: Red Pepper Paste 1 table spoon, sugar 2 table spoon, rice vinegar 1 table spoon, juice or Sprite 1 tbs, garlic powder, finely chopped scallion – mix them all well with spoon – great with seafood sashimi

2. Vinegar Soy Sauce(초간장):

This sauce is good for mandoo(Korean dumplings) or kimchi pancakes, scallion and other kind of Korean pancakes and if fish soy sauce is used, great for salad. (Please use Yangjo Soy Sauce if you can)

How To Make:

for pancakes: regular soy sauce, red pepper powder, finely chopped scallion, rice vinegar each 1 tbs

for salad sauce: fish soy sauce(Korean fish sauce is partically soy sauce), red pepper powder, finely chopped scallion and rice vinegar each 1 tbs

2 Responses to “Mom’s Recipe Book”

  1. brian Says:

    This is very good sauce. Like both of them. thanks!

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